New Tradebe hydrocarbons terminal at the Port of Barcelona

Tradebe Global

The President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Artur Mas, inaugurates today the new terminal of Tradebe. This facility represents an investment of 65 million Euros and the creation of 27 new jobs in its first phase, which we hope to enlarge in the near future. The terminal has been built on two parcels located on the Energy Quay at the Port of Barcelona and counts with 29 storage tanks that provide a total capacity of 453.000m³.

The 453.000m³ are distributed into two connected parcels. The first one is designed to store the lighter hydrocarbons such as kerosene and gasoline, and the other parcel is prepared to store fuel oils and diesel.

About the terminal, there are three connections: to the dock 34B, to the network of the CLH company and we also count with 5 charging tank stations. It is noteworthy the 34B jetty connection that was built by the Port of Barcelona in 2011. It offers a draught of 16 metres, allowing hydrocarbon vessels to arrive to the terminals in Barcelona. These vessels do not have access to any other terminal in the Mediterranean sea, with the exception of ports with refineries. This jetty can offer services to vessels with a capacity of 175,000 tonnes and it is certainly a key infrastructure for the Port of Barcelona. The 5 charging tank stations are infrastructures that allow us to load trucks of 24 tonnes in less than 20 minutes and then distribute the product to the nearest locations.




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