TRADEBE Announces Expansion of SDS Capacity

Tradebe Global

TRADEBE is proud to announce an expansion at our East Chicago, IN facility.   Due to growing demands of the industrial waste market, TRADEBE has designed and built “SDS2” which is an additional Solids Distillation System, (SDS).

SDS2 enhanced technology, with new safety standards, offers the same environmental benefits as the original SDS unit; with twice the capacity to produce a quality reclaimed product.

SDS is the only technology of its kind in the US offering generators an effective and cost-efficient method for recycling organic solid waste that might otherwise be disposed.  Prior to SDS technology, most organic hazardous waste solids were incinerated in a process designed to destroy the organic content by driving off volatiles and burning excess gases. Alternatively, SDS extracts the organics from hazardous waste solids to recover a viable product.  

SDS can process waste in various size containers from small cans of material to cubic yard boxes of debris. Metal, plastic, and fiber drums are processed with equal efficiency, eliminating costly and potentially unsafe handling and repackaging on site at generator locations.

SDS is a true innovative, recycling technology. For biennial reporting purposes, hazardous waste processed through the SDS units receives the waste management handling code H020, Solvents Recovery (distillation, extraction); and may be eligible for recycling credits with state regulatory agencies. 

Using SDS technology each year, TRADEBE will process 36,000+ tons of hazardous waste, reclaiming 7,000+ tons of scrap metal and producing 2.7+ million gallons of reusable solvents for industry.

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